Welcome to CO TO GO

Let’s play with the colour of your hair!  Colours are so fun to play with, new colours make everyone happy.  You can be a Blonde, or you can add a splash of red, or change to brilliant sky blue.  Let’s have fun with colour, and play with your hair just like fashion!

We work on only hair colour and we will provide a friendly and positive atmosphere at a reasonable price. With our well educated and talented staff, we make sure each client has an exceptional experience and we are going to do our best work for each customer.  HAPPY HAIR, HAPPY LIFE!


expert staff

Our friendly staff love to help make your hair happy!

Please feel free to ask our staff about any concerns and questions!


Have trouble with your hair? If your hair isn’t happy, please book your hair consultation. We can talk with your hair and make sure you are happy.  We are here to help 🙂

japanese Quality

We base our quality on the highest Japanese standards.  We will also let you know all  the newest Japanese colour trends


Hair Colouring


Single colour for short hair. Shampoo and Dry are included. (Hairstyling not included).


Double processed colour (bleach and once colour) for short hair. Shampoo and Dry are included. (Hairstyling not included).


Triple processed colour (bleach twice and one colour) for short hair. Shampoo and dry are included (Hairstyling not included).



Hair Length Definitions

(S) Ears completely visible and not touching shoulders. +$0 (standard rate) 

(M) Ears hidden but not touching shoulders. Standard rate+$30

(L) Shoulders to top of chest. Standard rate+$40

(LL) Top of chest to bottom of chest. Standard rate+$50

Super long: bottom of chest or longer (price estimate will be given at the time of consultation) 

Other Services


Colour customer only. Shampoo and Dry are included (hairstyling not included).

M – $30  L – $40  LL – $50


Colour customer only. Shampoo and Dry are included. 

M – $45  L – $55  LL – $65


When you book your appointment within two weeks, you can get a credit ($25) back the day of your appointment.

We accept Cash, Debit and Credit cards (Visa & MasterCard) for the services and products. HST and Gratuities are not included in the price.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking policy:

Your credit card information will be required to book your appointment. Your credit card is used to hold the booking. The card will NOT BE CHARGED when booking an appointment unless our cancellation policy is not met.

Cancellation policy:

A cancellation MUST be communicated to our Staff via phone call, voicemail, or email AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR to your scheduled booking.

Cancellation fees:

Cancellation within 48 hours of your appointment will be a fee of $50

Cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment will be a fee of $100

For appointments with no cancellation notices and no-shows, a $200 cancellation fee will be charged on the day of your appointment.

Repair/Re-do rules:

We will do free repair or Re-do of your colour within one week after your visit. In that case, please note that a drying fee of ($20) will be charged separately. We do not accept re-do work more than a week after your visit.